Thursday, September 17, 2009

BlackBerry To Netbook - Redfly


First, about Redfly – This is from their website:

Do you want to unleash the full power of your smartphone and reduce or eliminate the need to carry a laptop? The REDFLY Mobile Companion links to your smartphone via a USB cable or wireless Bluetooth connection and extends the Windows Mobile interface to a more convenient and capable environment. The REDFLY Mobile Companion comes in two models, the C7 and C8N.

Now, for the news that caught my attention:

SALT LAKE CITY - September 16, 2009 -Celio Corp, maker of the REDFLY Mobile Companion, has announced support for BlackBerry; giving RIM customers the ability to get the most out of their smartphones with a larger screen and keyboard. The BlackBerry solution will be available in mid-Q4 2009. The BlackBerry solution is offered free-of-charge for existing and new REDFLY Mobile Companion C8N and C7 owners.


In other words, you now have your BlackBerry on a bigger screen with a keyboard like one of those smaller netbooks.

What I can’t seem to get through my head is –

First they make the computers smaller and smaller and come up with handhelds publicising them as computers in your palm, insisting that they are capable of doing at least some (if not all) of the tasks that you need, to carry on about your business, while on the move.

i.e. – one doesn’t have to carry one’s laptop around all the time. Some things can be done with your handheld itself. Fair enough. A reasonably sized device that one can carry along. I get that part.

But NOW, they seem to be going the other way – Device (handheld) is too small to take full advantage of it’s features, so carry something bigger along with your device??

Err.. confused.

What is being suggested here?!? Buy something to make your cellphone feel and look more like a netbook!!?

This! After the industry has spent years trying to fit the features of laptop/netbook into your cellphone??!

Aerosmith - Cyberotic head explode…. infromation overload… and I.. just can’t take it… anymore!

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Agnel said...

That is what I was dreaming about a few years ago. Extend the functionality of your phone.