Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Selling Your Car?


On the forum I visit, some one mentioned that they wanted to get rid of their car. I couldn't help myself and did put up my comments. Thought of sharing them here as well:

No point in selling your car, if you are going to get another used car.
The only thing 'NEW' about it, will be NEW set of problems.

~ L o r d R a j

The easiest way to get rid of a car - Trade in / dealership.
Waseet ads / classified - Faaltu ka headache (personal view).

Think about how YOU would be if you saw an advertisement in the paper for a car you wanted.

  • Call - Keep calling. You call at a time when it's convenient for YOU, not really bothered about the other guy, but whatever - lets chuck that, for now.
  • You ask questions, which seem valid to YOU. For the other guy however, they might be pointless queries - some answered in the ad itself (if not all).
  • If all goes well till this point, regardless of the fact that it was mentioned 'No Negotiation' - you will still ask 'last price?'
  • You want the seller to bring down the price even before you have actually seen the car!?!

Assuming that you are still interested, you go to see the car:

  • Call the guy up a couple of times to fix the time - and then change it (may be once or twice) and still end up showing 10-20 minutes late. God forbid if the seller reschedules or is late!
  • Not to mention - the number of times you called the seller to ask for directions to his house or the ground where the car is parked, landmarks bla bla bla.
  • The fact that you know jack-shit about a car's engine (other than where it's supposed to be) is irrelevant. You WILL ask him to pop the hood and will examine it like you are a professional mechanic who doesn't want to get his hands dirty today.
  • Then you will take a spin in the car and speak in YOUR mother tongue to the guy who was accompanying you on this 'exploration' - oblivious to the fact, how annoying this would be to the seller.
  • You will pick on the smallest of things - like a scratch or a patch on the body - and point it out to the seller as if he didn't already know that it was there - OR - you have DISCOVERED something he was probably trying to hide (psst, if you wanted a car without scratches or dents -wtf are looking at a used car for!!??)

Now all this is done:

  • You try to negotiate further.
  • You might close the deal OR you might want to think about it OR you and your friend might want to show it to your mechanic OR you might want to take it for computer testing.
  • May be the Seller wants to see if he can get a better price for his junk (what an idiot, right?).

YOU are doing all this this is just one guy. NOW think - the seller might have to deal with the same shit with 10-15 more idiots, err sorry - Car experts.

2 Opinions:

Mathai said...

oh man ! your post will make a guy think twice about selling his car :) lol!

L o r d R a j said...


Only TWICE? ;)

I am not saying, don't sell the car, I just wanted to highlight the headaches involved.

I still think trading in is a hell lot convenient.