Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stupid Bank Employee + Idiotic Judge

Now this is really pathetic.

An employee of the Rocky Mountain Bank sends confidential details via email, to the wrong email ID. The bank then sent another email to the un-intended recipient, but didn't get any response.

Freaking out after the cock up, the bank decides to sue Google (it was a Gmail account), when Google (rightly) refuses to give out details of the account holder.

Not only does the bank sue Google, but also files a motion with the court to keep the law suit a secret!?! Which was sensibly denied by Judge Ronald Whyte. But he was acting on behalf of Judge James Ware (the idiot referred to in the title) - who was probably on vacation at the time, where - in all likelihood, he would have hit his head really hard because what he did after he took over the case was -

Ordered Google to shutdown the email account!!

I understand that the information conveyed was of personal/sensitive nature, but the one who should be penalised for this is the bank employee who sent out the email in the first place.

Not only did he send the attachment to the wrong email ID, he didn't even bother to make the attached file password protected (I am sure it would have been emphasised by the bank if the file was password protected, to save whatever is left of it's reputation).

Hell, even the E-statements I receive from banks (via Email) like Axis Bank, CitiBank etc are password protected. The password is usually a combination of my name with something like the year of my birth or some characters from my username combined with characters from my last name and my DOB! (they keep switching the combinations)

Yes, it's annoying at times but I do see their point.

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