Sunday, September 13, 2009

Funny People

New Picture

Not really my type of movie. It's good in (some) parts but crappy as a whole. Not to mention, its too long (2 Hrs, 20 Mins)!

Leslie Mann is crap and annoying as hell. I think people can't tell the difference between annoying and funny anymore.

Aubrey Plaza's character doesn't have any significance whatsoever. Don't really know why the character was penned in. Could have saved the ink and worked on the story a bit. With her out, it would have definitely brought down the running time.

Adam Sandler is cool in some parts.

The plot doesn't make much sense and it could have gone un-noticed if the movie wasn't this long.

Balls and penis jokes are funny. I agree. They are definitely easier to come up with (for stand up comedy), but did they really have to put in so many of them?? Overkill. 

Wonder why they put in Eminem (talentless prick). Didn't really make any sense.

Senseless seems to be the central theme of the movie. Something I try to avoid, mostly.

Like I said, there are parts of the movie that are funny and worth watching. Put them all together and it just falls apart.

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Mathai said...

Even though I'm fan of Adam Sandler I'm not too sure about the acting skills (or lack of) of Seth Rogen and Eminem ? who in earth cast this movie ? :P