Friday, September 4, 2009

The Water Horse


It’s not bad. Good time pass. Some of the scenes are done really well. The CG at times are excellent, but in some scenes are too obvious. Wonder what caused the inconsistency.

I can’t tolerate Emily Watson. Wish they would have cast someone else for that role.

Not really sure if this is for all kids. Parents of sensitive kids (or rather, sensitive parents) – might not want their children to watch this.

I am sure they can take the war scenes, explosions etc a hell lot better than you think. Given that some of them have to put up with a nagging/fussing/over-dramatic couple for parents.

For the ones who don’t over-react and are not as hysterical (I am talking more about the parents, kids are smart enough, it’s the parents who need to a kick of common sense) – well the kids should be fine with the movie.

Not saying they will definitely like it, but they will most definitely not be complaining to you about how bad they felt when they saw a cannon firing at the big ugly sea monster or bla bla bla.

Sorry about that. Was just talking to a friend, who happens to have a mother who should have been in some sad play (and stayed there, if you ask me). Bloody tragedy/drama queen. And at the end of the day ‘We have the child’s best interest at heart’….. yeah right. She would have to be a super blonde, even to believe that herself.

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