Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BlackBerry Discussion


The other day, someone put up a rather interesting blog post up for discussion on the forum I visit. Do We Really Need BlackBerry’s? I will admit, it was an interesting read. But then - on the forum, someone shared an even more interesting view:

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The reasoning for that statement is even more interesting:

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My views:

Mentabolism - There are a hell lot of cheaper ways (which aren't too technical) to access porn. Access to restricted content might be an incidental reason, but I seriously doubt it’s an exclusive reason for buying a BB.

The 4 out of 5 people you know sound extremely dumb. As per your post, they are spending a minimum of KWD 13 every month exclusively to access restricted sites. Whereas all they could do is use one of the several workarounds available and access the restricted sites without paying anything extra.

If applying a proxy sounds too complicated / technical, all they have to do is go to any anonymization site - easily available by doing a simple Google search.

It's not that the workarounds have just cropped up NOW. They have been public knowledge for ages. and NO, one doesn't have to be an IT expert to figure out how these work. It's actually pretty basic.

BB is just a new fad, and like all fads - there is a period where everyone just has to get one. That's all. Accessing restricted content on the BB - LOGICALLY SPEAKING – can’t be the sole reason for the sales going up, simply because if accessing restricted content is the only requirement of the individual, then s/he would already be aware of several other workarounds.

As I mentioned, it can be an incidental reason but - LOGICALLY SPEAKING - it simply can't be an exclusive reason.

BTW, BB is no longer restricted to being JUST a business tool. It's become more of a social networking device. What with FaceBook, MySpace, Snaptu, Twitter and several other applications. These applications are available for several other handsets too.

The points you mentioned that made BB a business tool:

mentabolism wrote:

let me explain...A BB is a business tool, you use it to access your email and download attachements etc in a mobile environment.

Those features too are easily available on several other handsets. BlackBerry isn't the only device that offers access to emails and attachments.

Bloomberg's mobile application is not EXCLUSIVE for BlackBerry. It does run on iPhone and several other smartphones too. Same goes for several other BUSINESS applications.

Even the BB Messenger is no longer EXCLUSIVE for the BlackBerry. Using 3rd party applications, you can chat away with individuals using BBM on your iPhone.

It's not that restricted sites can be accessed on a BlackBerry alone. One of our forum user has accessed it on his Sony Ericsson handset using his Wataniya Sim Card (may be it was Zain/Viva not sure).

The simple reason for the sales going up is - BB is the latest fad.

I seriously doubt that an argument such as: "people want to access restricted content while on the move" would make any sense.

The possibility of a significant portion of the population being marathon masturbating maniacs seems rather unlikely.

They wouldn't be walking down the mall and saying (thinking) "ohh let's get a BlackBerry so I can surf porn websites and jerk off while shopping at Carrefour". (there might be some here and there, of course. But I doubt it would make up a significant portion of the cellphone using population).

They might get a BlackBerry for several other reasons

  • It's the IN-THING now.
  • Everyone has one.. hmm I should get one too.
  • Connected all the time to MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk.
  • FaceBook/other social networking sites connected all the time.
  • My girlfriend has it, I should get it too, then I can BBm her all day.
  • My boyfriend has it, I should get it too, then I can BBm him all day.
  • I like the way it looks (some people have a different taste).
  • Actually useful for some individuals.

They could get it for several reasons AND in the process even browse through the restricted sites. YES. But accessing restricted sites makes a very slim argument for it being an EXCLUSIVE reason for BB’s to be selling.

One doesn't go and buy a car with the exclusive intention to park it in an isolated place so he can make out with his GF. You can choose to do so, but you bought the car for several other reasons AND NOT exclusively for the above mentioned purpose.

The car MAY be used for that purpose. There MIGHT be a few cuckoo idiots who rented/bought a car exclusively for that purpose - BUT there definitely wouldn't be enough of those types to make up a significant portion of the car driving population for any one to conclude that the reason people are buying cars is so that they can make out with their GF/BF.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao.

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