Friday, March 26, 2010



Why did I bother with this in the first place? Well, it’s got a lot to do with the text on the poster.

  • He made them pay for their sins
  • Inspired by true events
  • A brutally beautiful film you won’t be able to turn away

That was enough to arouse my curiosity. Watched it. TRASH!

Horrible acting. Pathetic direction. The film sucks. Thuuuu.

I honestly can’t understand WHY would a captive be allowed to keep a video camera with her!?! She gets a chance to escape from psycho-vile and what does she do? She insists on filming the other captives and their injuries for EVIDENCE purposes! (Shoot me. Shoot me NOW).

Her cell-mate is bleeding after a flogging session, but miss super concerned here won’t attend to her cell mate’s wounds until after she has set up the video camera to record the evidence. I would have refused to believe that a real person can be THIS idiotic, had I not encountered some equally (if not more) idiotic individuals myself.

Chuck all this.. here is a screenshot from the end of the film.

Picture 1

WTF is ‘anonomous’??I agree, lots of people can’t spell properly. BUT how the hell do you make and release such a pathetic movie and no one pointed out that there is a typo! Guess even the makers couldn’t bother to watch this shit till the end.

A brutally beautiful film you won’t be able to turn away - SURE!!!

Illiterate incompetent idiots.

Pathetic waste of time.

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