Saturday, March 13, 2010

Up In The Air

Picture 1I liked it.

I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to watch this movie or not.

Jason Reitman directed Juno. I hated the film. The thing is, Jason Reitman also directed Thank You For Smoking and I loved that film. Now I wasn’t really sure if I should bother with this one.

I figured, what the hell - it stars George Clooney, how bad could it be?

Not bad at all. I liked it.

2 Opinions:

Agnel said...

Though the movie was okay, I didn't like the way that woman was using him. I mean, he wouldn't have had a fling with a married woman for sure, I guess.

I would give it 6/10... but was shocked to see people rating it 8 on 10 :o

I hate movies where people cheat :|

L o r d R a j said...

I hate the PEOPLE who cheat. I don't really have a problem with films depicting those people. I have plenty of other reasons to hate some films/performances.

I just have a problem with individuals who do so (Cheat) in real life.

About Ryan having a fling with a married woman or not... Well, I don't really know 'for sure'.

Ryan running out of his seminar thingy and finding Alex. Alex running into his arms... Errrrr. Sorry. Really didn't see that happening. If it did happen in the movie, I would have been a bit disappointed.

I was actually pretty sure that there would be some issues with Alex. Either married or not serious about Ryan or .. Something along those lines.

I wouldn't give it an 8 either. But it was watchable. (I can't say that about most movies, these days)