Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Moon


New Picture

I spent a lot of time thinking why the hell I bothered to download New Moon. I would have to be stoned to actually put that nonsense on download. I saw it on the MacBook last night and I was like.. WTF!! When, Why and How the hell did I download THIS CRAP!!??!

Now since it was there, bandwidth wasted anyways - I hit play.. and watched the damn thing.

Given that I HATED Twilight, I didn't expect this to be better - but this was a new low in pointless / shitty / horrible films.

I have watched and enjoyed Vampire and Werewolf movies. Twilight/New Moon is NOT a vampire film. It's TRASH!

I JUST CAN'T UNDERSTAND how dumb people have to be to actually like this trash. I thought SRK movies were bad and his films getting hit status was baffling. BUT if bullshit like Twilight and New Moon can be a HIT.. I am no longer surprised by SRK movies becoming blockbusters.

2 Opinions:

BVG said...

Absolutely! I dont see why these movies have any fan fare at all... They ruined the legends vampires and werewolves have been! Girlie vampires and girlie werewolves. I am surprised they dint get them to wear pink costumes...

L o r d R a j said...

More like a Halloween spoof.