Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nexus One






Just got my hands on the Nexus One. Not bad. I am sure anyone interested already knows pretty much everything there is to know about the Android phone.

Speech to Text is a good option. Once you get it working, of course. Will definitely take a while before one can start using it as a reliable alternative to typing.

Can't seem to get the smart dialling to work. You know - where you go to the phone module of the handset and type the first few characters of the name, and the phone filters through your contacts to show you a possible match. I am sure it should have it. Possibly I just haven't figured it out yet (I am sure I looked every where, it might be, but... ahh well).

Personal view, not happening. I mean.. err.. just not that excited about it.

2 Opinions:

Elegant Chic said...

If you don't like it, I don't like it too! :)

L o r d R a j said...


Well, it's fancy and all. The UI is nice and jazzed up.
But so was the HTC Diamond, when it first came out.

But when I placed it next to my Cigg Case, hell, the Cigg case looked more classy than the Android! (First pic).

The games on the Android do seem rather cool.

Plus, there is a lot of things being developed and tons of applications coming out, so it might get better.

But.. err.. somehow.. just wasn't so excited when I saw it.

The thing that disappointed me the most was - something as basic as Smart Dialling wasn't there!

Again, it might be there, and perhaps I just didn't find it, but then - if it's going to take me so long to figure out how to work a handset, I would rather not bother with it at all.