Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pointless Commercial

Sorry about the terrible quality. This was showing on the tele and I used my cellphone’s camera to get the ad. The commercial has been doing the rounds for some time now. I just haven’t been able to find it on the net anywhere (perhaps I wasn’t looking hard enough) or else I wouldn’t have had to resort to capturing it on my cellphone from the tele.

Are they planning on selling soap or moisturising cream or hair removal cream? Believe it or not, this is supposed to be a commercial for CEMENT!

I am aware ke duniya mein bewaakoofon ki kammi nahin hai, par… ye kuch zyaada nahin hogaya?
  • Which pathetic media/marketing agency would conclude that shooting a commercial like this would help sell CEMENT!?
  • How idiotic does the marketing manager - (of J.K. Cement) – have to be, to actually approve of such a commercial for it’s product?
  • How stupid are the board members / management – given that no one has yet suggested that the commercial be pulled off, the media company’s contract be terminated and the marketing manager be fired ??!??!
Anybody curious about the management? You can find the names here (updated the link. It seems their website was updated).

I am assuming that J.K. Super Cement is the same as J.K. Cement because of the information they have put up on their website (They have changed their website... so just see the screenshot below). Plus, at the end of the pointless commercial, it says “A Product Of J.K Cement Ltd.”
 Picture 2

2 Opinions:

Rajan Singh Tanwar said...

It is just grammatical mistake.we have J.K.Super Cement and J.K. Sarvashaktiman under our J.K.Cement works..while J.K.White cement and J.K.wall putty under J.K.White Cement works.

L o r d R a j said...

Mr. Tanwar, thank you for the comment and the clarification. Would also like a clarification with regards to the advertisement and the logic behind it. Now THAT would make a good read.