Sunday, March 28, 2010

Can’t Access Some Websites On BlackBerry?


Some Websites can’t be accessed on the BlackBerry’s native browser. I had the problem opening an Online Banking website. A friend of mine had a similar problem while trying to access an Online Trading website. The site’s Homepage(s) are loading fine. The problem arises when one tries to log in.

Fiddling with the options didn’t solve the problem. Yes, I did try switching the Browser Identification to Internet Explorer and FireFox. Didn't help.

What did work was – installing Opera Mini on the BlackBerry. Using Opera Mini, I can now access the Online Banking websites. My friend tried it too and he can now access the Online Trading site as well.

Thought I would put it up. Just in case someone is having a similar problem.

To download, go to on your BlackBerry.

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