Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Disturbing Google Search Term

I was just going through the Recent Keyword Activity for my blog and was rather disturbed by one of the results.

Somebody is searching Google for “resources of mallu normal watchableporn videoss” !!!???

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BVG said...

Huh?!? Looks like someone thought you have a stash of porn in your blog...

But what the heck is a 'normal watchableporn'?!?

L o r d R a j said...

Hey BVG,

I think the person needs to get his head examined. Normal watchableporn!! ha!


Agnel said...


Guess... he/she is searching for normal people ahem ahem tapes :P

He should directly look for Kim K or Paris Hilton :P

L o r d R a j said...

Hey Agnel,

Hmm, so you mean, instead of typing 'Celebrity sex Videos' , the person puts up "Normal WATCHABLEPORN videoss"????

If that IS the case, I seriously hope that someone comes up with a 'Search Engine for Stupid People Who Don't Know How to Search'

The Search Engine would use more visuals and will be developed to be able to analyse stupid search terms and try to make some sense of them


You type 'Satnic' in google, and it asks you ' Did you mean Satanic'? Well, the PROPOSED Search Engine will analyse your search term and show you pictures or mini videos asking:

'Is THIS what you were looking for you FREAK / IDIOT / DUMBASS'
(Freak/idiot/Dumbass - only one of the term will be used depending on how pathetic the search term was). Of course, the options will include terms like, illiterate/moron/retard/SRK etc ...

Not to mention, with every search conducted, the Engine will inform the user if s/he needs:

English classes, or
psychiatric help, or
lacks refined taste or
should not be left alone in public, or
should just go ahead and shoot himself and save the rest of the world a hell lot of trouble.

Mathai said...

have you seen Malayalam porn? If you have then the term "watchable porn" would make sense. I'm sometimes appalled at the quality of porn we churn out. Here are some recommendations a friend of mine once made;
1. change the bed linen in between shots
2. use moisturizing body lotion
3. make sure the camera-man does not show up in the dressing table's mirror(happens all the time)
4. make sure 'the lady' is willing to do certain stuff beforehand rather than make last minute adjustments
These are just a few things that can make many Indian homemade porn movies watchable :P

L o r d R a j said...

Good point, Mathai!

BVG said...

Lol Ok Matt... You have a point there...