Thursday, September 2, 2010

“100% ConspiraNcy”: Churchill Alemao


Thanks Fakhry


If you can’t speak the language, why bother!

Watch from 1:33 marker. Jaahil gawaar! ConspiraNcy!! WTF is 'conspirancy'.

Here are some ‘highlights’ for you:

  • Each other.......... you are touching... automatically.
  • One crew member came and made big tamashaa.
  • I not got the secretary of the woman.
  • The man, one flight separate. The air-hostess will be the man.
  • Anybody can put in trouble anybody in here.

2 Opinions:

Blaise said...

Great stuff lord raj and this guy is the so called minister.Its a laugh.Keep up the good work and keep them comming.I follow only yours and Mathai's updates everyday.By the way i am also a BB fan.

L o r d R a j said...


Thanks for the comment and the support. Appreciate it.
About the ministers.. well, no wonder India ki haalat itni kharaab hai.

It's not just that we have illiterate ministers, what makes it worse is that we have illiterate people who don't even realise it.

Sigh, shit happens.