Wednesday, September 15, 2010

IE9 BETA Available For Download



Vista and Windows 7

Link (for those who might be curious).

Some extremely positive reviews from Engadget, Wired and Computer World. Read bits and pieces and they have some good things to say about Microsoft.

I haven’t bothered with IE9, and I don’t think I will. Just thought I would put it up here, in case anyone is interested. 

I am using Windows at work (not out of choice). But that’s XP (it took 2 Service Packs to finally get it right and it’s the only one that seems to work). If there was an IE9 for XP, I just might have given it a shot on my office PC. Ummm.. yeah, may be I would.

At home, well I do have a couple of laptops running Vista but then.. err, I don’t really use them much. Their primary purpose, as of now is - External Storage Devices with LCD.

I do have one laptop running Windows 7 too, but … why would I bother using Windows when I have a Mac.

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