Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let Me Google That For You

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Ever get tired of people asking you questions which could easily be answered were one to do a Google search? Well, a few people I know happen to be so lazy that they simply refuse to do a search.

Instead of yelling “Google it, you moron”, I now send them a link generated from

Try it out. I find it cool, and gets the message across. Basically you go to lmgtfy and type out the search query. The site will generate a link. Copy that link and send it to the person who had asked the query and was too lazy to search himself.

What s/he gets on clicking the link:

A step by step demonstration on how the person could have just used Google - ending with the search results being displayed.



Note: You don’t necessarily have to go to lmgtfy to generate the link. You could simply type out the link yourself by sticking to the format/scheme i.e. - “ Query)” and that would work just as well.

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