Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lark Up – Wake Up With A Silent Alarm


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The Lark Up app is installed on the iPhone and the wrist strap is paired with the iPhone over Bluetooth. When the set alarm goes off, the band ‘vibrates’ on your wrist and wakes you up.


2 Opinions:

BarryUno said...

It's a damn shame they don't have anything for other phones like the BlackBerry. If this concept actually work, it's awesome.

Personally, I think one of the reasons we snooze is because the alarm is very jarring and wakes us up very abruptly. This new concept will change things for snoozers! Yippie!!!

Or wait, I'll save the yippie for when they create an application for the Blackberry! :p

L o r d R a j said...

Hey Barry,

I don't think it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a similar app for the BB. I mean the technology being used isn't iPhone specific (Bluetooth and Vibration alert).

But developers are more focussed on the iPhone.

That's changing now and we have developers focussing on Android.

Symbian is pretty much history. WinMo err.. perhaps it will be revived with the New Windows Mobile OS.

Last I read, at the Devcon for RIM, one of the officials remarked 'We don't need 200 Fart Applications for the BlackBerry'

As much as I agree with the view, I would like it if they had developers working on utilities like Lark Up etc.

All said and done.. BB remains the device of choice for me. I do fiddle around with the iPhone but I just can't imagine that as my primary communication device.

At best, it's a game console (for me). Time pass.