Thursday, September 23, 2010

We’re The BlackBerry Boys (??!!)



In my opinion, Vodafone India really fucked up with this one. Makes me want to throw away my BlackBerry and never admit that I had one!

Lots of people saying it’s an awesome ad. I HATE IT. Can’t figure out WHY anyone would pay for such a shitty campaign. Reminds me of the tele tubbies nonsense (Shoot me.. shoot me NOW).

Yes, the concept is clear – BlackBerry is no longer JUST a business phone. I get that. But COME ON! This ad is just sad, pathetic, desperate and so so so gay!!

There has to be a better way of portraying that the device is not just a business phone. Seriously BOYS!!

JFTR – Office guys: ‘We are so very very clever’ (oh please) WTF!!!

4 Opinions:

Anonymous said...

WTF?? Blackberry is the new code word for 'happy and gay' ?
Raj chuck your BB out the window LOL!

L o r d R a j said...

After watching this crap, I REALLY wanted to throw it away. Honest!

I was sitting with a friend of mine and we came up with 3 concepts (in 5 minutes) on an ad campaign could show that BB was more than just a business phone.

It's shocking that people who are not in the industry can come up with a reasonably good concept but the morons who are supposed to be 'EXPERIENCED' come up with this tacky shit!!

BarryUno said...

Advertising is indeed a dirty game guys. I used to be a part of it in India. I have had enough of the "We Indians are much more creative than the people in the Middle East" crap. Most Indians in Kuwait think the same thing. It's about time they smelt some reality!

Gone are the days we used to have stalwarts like Alyque Padamsee at the helm of Indian advertising. Now you have young pricks who want to make it big and don't know diddly squat about advertising. They're the same schmucks who graduate out of overpriced grad schools thinking they've earned the right to be stupid and bring shame on advertising in India.

Luck I don;t give a damn about them anymore......I'm keeping my Blackberry! ;)

L o r d R a j said...

ROTFL@ don;t give a damn about them anymore......I'm keeping my Blackberry! ;)

Nice one!

BTW, You should check out this one too (PLEASE):