Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The CWG Village – Someone Should Get Craig Hunter To Comment Now


CWG village better than Beijing: England Chef de Mission

This is what Craig Hunter reportedly said on 16-09-10:

  • The Commonwealth Games Village here is better than the Beijing Olympics.
  • Every Games Village has progressed and this one sets a new standard.
  • Even the training facilities are wonderful.

Now, some headlines from 21-09-10:

Commonwealth Games Village UNLIVEABLE, complain four countries
Games in jeopardy from poor facilities: Kiwi officials
CGF asks India to fix condition of Games Village immediately

Dave Currie, the Kiwi Chef de Mission says:

  • The way things are looking, it's not up to scratch.
  • The reality is that if the village is not ready and athletes can't come, the implications are that it's not going to happen.
  • Athletes had been allocated new accommodation within the village after inspections found their original tower block was unacceptable due to lack of cleanliness and poor facilities.

Commonwealth Games Federation president Michael Fennell says:

  • Many issues remain unresolved and as such last night I wrote to the Indian Cabinet Secretary, expressing my great concern with the preparedness of the Athletes Village.
  • The condition of the residential zone has shocked the majority of CGAs that are in Delhi.
  • The CGF has asked the Cabinet Secretary to immediately deploy the necessary resources to fix all the outstanding issues to an acceptable level.
  • Many nations that have already sent their advanced parties to set up within the Village have made it abundantly clear that, as of the afternoon of September 20, the Commonwealth Games Village is seriously compromised.

Four countries find the village totally crap. England however says it sets a new standard (Honestly, when I read ‘Commonwealth Games Village here is better than the Beijing Olympics’ I rolled my eyes. Some things are just too hard to believe).

There is a possibility that the English players were given a better block in the village. However, more likely the British delegation got a taste of Delhi’s corruption curry and sent in a favourable report.

I would really be interested to read what Craig Hunter has to say NOW, after four countries have complained about the VILLAGE.

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