Saturday, March 31, 2012



Watched the first 2 episodes.

That was enough to convince me that I would not be able to tolerate the stupidity for long. E.g. There is this guy who can:

  • Pull rank over the local Police Department.
  • Is supposed to be somewhere on the top of a Special Task Force.
  • Has been waiting all these years for the prisoners to 'return'.
  • Has a basement lab with all funky screens and supposedly high tech equipment.

And … HE can't take a guess that Jack Sylvane will go and visit his (Jack's) brother?? Not very bright now are we?? Was it really that difficult to go through the files of the 63's (rolls eyes) while you were waiting for them to return?

Question – didn't any one else have a problem swallowing why the files and the prisoner's STUFF was still in the basement? I mean, they moved everything, got fake transfer orders, death certificates … the works. Why would they leave around boxes of the prisoner's stuff?

Please don't tell me "this is answered in the later episodes or seasons". If a show starts off in such an idiotic manner, it is difficult to maintain interest till the end of the episode, let alone the rest of the season.  

Deleted this nonsense and now starting of with Grimm

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