Friday, March 2, 2012

Dil Mera Muft Ka !?!

Firstly, THAT crap is NOT a mujra. I don't know how to categorise it, but whatever that retarded bitch is doing – it is definitely NOT a mujra.

Secondly, the lyrics are horrendous. Premi 75 humaare?! Thu. The rest of the lyrics just make it worse.

You want to know what a mujra is? Watch this:

Isse kehte hain mujra.

What Kareena 'Thu' Kapoor is trying to do in the first video can not even be classified as an item song. Although it is being promoted that way. A certain idiotic / biased / paid off (take your pick) section of the media is insisting that it (Dil Mera Muft Ka) is an amazing mujra item song.

If you want to know what an item song is, watch this:

THAT is an ITEM song.

Criticising / blaming ONLY Kareena Kapoor would be unfair. Not everyone is born with acting skills (or dancing skills or looks). Just in case the previous statement wasn't clear enough – What I intended to highlight was - Kareena Kapoor wasn't gifted with looks or talent.

The idiots casting her in films are to be blamed and should be penalised for subjecting the audience to such torture.

Where are those human rights protests when you need them!?

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Anonymous said...

Superlike.............couldnt agree more!!!