Friday, March 9, 2012

Racism Curing Pill – Propranolol !!


The beta-blocker drug can reduce 'subconscious' racism, the Oxford University study found.

Researchers found that people who took propranolol scored significantly lower on a standard test used to detect subconscious racial attitudes, than those who took a placebo.

The researchers believe propranolol reduces racial bias because such subconscious thoughts are triggered by that autonomic nervous system.


Err.. I think it's time that someone took my suggestion/request seriously and had all these [mad] "researchers" locked up for good.

A PILL for curing racism!? What next? Have they also found a cure for stupidity? Because these "researchers" could definitely use that cure for themselves.

And the brilliant study that helped the retards at Oxford arrive at this conclusion is:


Their small study took 36 white student volunteers, gave half a single 40mg dose of propranolol and half a placebo, and asked them all to undertake the Implicit Association Test - designed to test "subtle and spontaneous biased behaviour" - two hours later.

The test requires participants to visually sort particular words like 'joy' ,'evil', 'happy' and 'glorious', as well as black and white faces, into the correct categories.

The idiots at Oxford are making these absurd comments about a racism curing pill based on - A 2 hour study conducted on 36 white student volunteers and an Implicit Association Test!!

Hang on a second. They tested this ridiculous theory only on white people?!! Are the brains at Oxford suggesting that only white people can be racists? Isn't that a bit err.. racist.

If such "researchers" continue making similar retarded observations, then the next time someone tells you they studied at Oxford - take that person to the side and tell him NOT to say that out loud, if he ever wants to be taken seriously.

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