Saturday, March 31, 2012



MLA discovers ‘cure’ for AIDS

Squeeze your private parts tightly and urinate forcefully after intercourse to keep AIDS at bay, is Rajasthan MLA Devi Singh Bhatti’s prescription for people.

The BJP MLA from Kolayat constituency in Bikaner district imparted his knowledge to a shocked gathering — which included HIV-positive people — during a sensitisation workshop for lawmakers on the assembly premises on Thursday.

Climbing onto the dais without being invited, Bhatti dispensed his advice, even as speaker Deependra Singh Shekhawat struggled to rein in legislators who were interrupting speakers. The HIV-positive people in the audience could not hide their disgust.


Thanks BVG

I have no idea how to title this post. But, I do have a suggestion for Devi Singh Bhatti. I think he is the perfect candidate to try out my experimental treatment for curing stupidity - Get on top of a really tall building and jump. Help make this world a better place.

Seriously, isn't there any way we could give Afzal Guru another chance? Is there a petition out that I can sign?

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