Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fringe – Season 1 Update

Just watched episodes 4, 5 & 6.

As I mentioned earlier, it is watchable – BUT I just don't find it interesting enough. The cast is really not helping. Would have been so much easier to tolerate some of the nonsense* if only there was a bit of eye candy. Anna Torv is NOT eye candy, and this time I am sure it is not JUST the colour of her hair.

The characters are… I find them a bit lame.

Olivia Dunham, what does she bring to the team? She rarely has a clue about what is going on. She has a confused look in those green eyes of hers and keeps running around from Charlie to Broyles to Sharp to the Bishops. SHE doesn't really do anything, does she?

Then we have Charlie. What does he do except take orders from Olivia? 6 episodes, and all I have seen him do is run errands for Olivia.

Then we have Broyles – The lanky nigger. I find him annoying. Not disturbing or unnerving – Just annoying. And again, this has nothing to do with the colour of his skin. Every time Lance Reddick is framed as walking in some corridor (and that happens a lot), I am expecting him to break out into a disco routine.

Episode 6, Olivia talks about her father/step father (sorry, wasn't really bothered) beating up her mother bla bla bla. I threw my hands up and had my eyes rolling. I just knew this was coming. For once can we have a female character who does not have daddy issues?!

Yes yes, had a few more Fringe addicts telling me – "It gets interesting. It is all connected. There is a logic". Well I have sat through 6 episodes and the show has still not managed to interest me. What is the point in making the later episodes interesting? Given that the early episodes didn't generate interest – why would anyone watch the next episodes?

Obviously the world doesn't agree with my logic, given that this series continues to run – successfully (?!?) into a fourth season. Something wrong with the world, or is it just me? I am sure it is just me, but – how? This really isn't THAT good a show (not yet, anyways).

I really feel bad when I waste bandwidth. Will tolerate it through the first season anyway. Who knows. May be it actually does get interesting. I felt really bad when I was deleting Lost from the external hard drive.

But seriously, would it really hurt if they had put in a bit of eye candy in Fringe? Is that asking too much?


* An example of the 'nonsense' I was referring to:

Season 1 Episode 6 – The Cure.

Peter gets information from Nina Sharp but doesn't want to tell Olivia about the source of the information.

Based on this ' solid lead' - Olivia gets her errand boy Charlie to set up a tactical team. Peter tells her that he is tracking the visible heat signature of the radioactive isotopes. Olivia is convinced and uses the same explanation to convince Charlie.

Bishop Sr. i.e. Walter interrupts to inform that radioactive isotopes do not have a visible heat signature. But he is stopped by Bishop Jr.

Now, I really don't know if radioactive isotopes have a visible heat signature or not. I don't really care if they can be traced/tracked via a satellite or not. You see, I am NOT investigating the case and hence I really don't need to know all this crap.

On the other hand - Errand Boy Charlie and Good For Nothing Olivia – are supposed to be investigating this case and hence are supposed to have some idea about what is happening. Clearly neither of them do and are more than happy to believe whatever crap one tells the other.

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