Monday, March 26, 2012

This Is News!?!


What Manmohan Singh, Obama will eat at Seoul


Seoul: Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, US President Barack Obama and 51 other world leaders can expect to enjoy a sumptuous spread of Western and Korean delicacies at official banquets during the two-day nuclear summit.

The international leaders can taste 'bibimbap' which is rice with assorted vegetables, reported The Chosun Ilbo. Then there is tilefish from Jeju Island.

They can also partake fair persimmon from North Gyeongsang Province and honeyed mountain ginseng -- all of which can washed down with locally made sparkling wine pressed from omija, a special type of red Korean berry.


How is this 'News worthy'??

Doob maro.

2 Opinions:

Jonyboy said...

Actually the 'post' korean lunch happenings, wud hav been more news-worthy. ;)

Wudnt u read n re-read, the news article, if the headlines read...

"World leaders reach a consenses on using the Korean Loo but not on the Nuclear Summit".


"Presidents and Prime Minister's spent quality 'korean' time extracting 'bibimbaps and omijas'...from their a$$es."

BVG said...

I hope the all choke on Sushi!