Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Condemned

The basic plot is pretty similar to Battle Royale (Batoru rowaiaru - Japanese movie, pretty cool). Since I liked that, I figured I would like this too.

The movie isn't bad. Steve Austin can't act, and this movie is not about acting. So no problems there at all. I enjoyed some of the fights, enjoyed the explosions, loved the idea.

Had a problem with a few things. Firstly the love interest for Steve Austin. Not needed (in my opinion), and thankfully, there wasn't much on that.

I also don't think that there was any need to get the FBI bit in it either, just waste of footage if you ask me. They probably could've used that time to include another explosion or something and make it fun.

Another problem was the character Julie (Victoria/Tory Mussett). You did know what your boyfriend is up to and you are all cool with it and even go with him to the island and accompany him while he shoots his show.. and then .. you get all righteous. Annoying confused bitch.

Then, Goldy / Goldman (Rick Hoffman). Didn't like this character from the beginning. very annoying. But then - it wasn't so hard to ignore him.. (the good part about DVDs, you can always forward the parts you dont like.. :D)

Donna Sereno (Angie Milliken) - the holier than thou news reporter. I always thought a good reporter is supposed to give an unbiased report. ahh well, guess they can't stick to that even in the movies.

Ok, so it's not a brilliant movie, and it's definitely not Battle Royale (the first part was awesome btw). It doesn't have any performances or anything of that sort, but it's good enough for some time pass.

BTW.. just for the record, I do want to mention this, I don't see anything wrong with making a show like this. Reality TV with a twist. Finally one without any stupid contestants crying when the judges chuck them out. Simple rules.. you are out because you are dead.

If someone can cash in by making a show like this, I don't see why it's wrong? The contestants were all going to die anyway. They were all on death row. He just gave them a chance to live. Such a show would be entertaining.

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