Sunday, September 9, 2007

Talking Movies

Well I finally managed to find the time to watch it.

Too many coincidences.. but thats fine (come on, its based on a comic).

I like super-hero movies.. just find it difficult to enjoy with the plot centred around his love life. it just doesn't work for me. Special effects were great. enjoyed those.. but that isn't an excuse for having a crappy plot.

Wish there was more of Venom .. would've been alot cooler.

I wouldn't say this was great, but for some reason, I enjoyed this more than Spiderman - 3 (never thought I would ever say that).

It's not that this doesn't have any problems.. sure it does. I honestly believe the movie would've been better without Dr. Doom. there would've been more footage to the Silver Surfer (SS).

SS powerless without the board and being interrogated by the army.. haa.. wish these people paid more attention to the comic.

Galactus destroyed - just like that - THAT really needed to be worked on. I mean, this thing/being is supposed to be pretty powerful and stuff, you can't just kill off a character like that with one explosion!

The FBI, NSA bla bla.. boring characters, extremely stupid - didn't do anything in the movie. They only managed to irritate you, whenever they were in the frame.

Get me the hackers, Get me this representative on the phone, Get me a landline, Get me a helicopter, Get me this, Get me that ..

What the hell did you do with ANY of that? Absolutely nothing....

The great part about the earlier versions was - a villain with a great attitude. That's what made John Mclain look even cooler (even if he was just talking over the phone).

The villain in this one.. just doesn't have that quality, that zing, that attitude.

Bruce Willis, well he looks older, but he still is the best part of the movie. That's what made this worth watching.

2 Opinions:

Agnel said...

i loved the cartoons... so movies i like it nevertheless.


L o r d R a j said...

I love the comics, really enjoyed the animated series as well..

About Spiderman - well i liked the first part. the second part was cool too. but the third one was pretty much a disappointment.

Fantastic 4 - well.. i think this was better than the first part. n i wouldve enjoyed it alot more if there was more of the SS.