Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Electronic Cigarette

Write up from the site:

Crown7 is an Art Deco styled tube which contains a cartridge and rechargeable battery.

The cartridge contains water, propylene glycol, nicotine, and a tobacco flavor.

One Crown7 cartridge is the equivalent to about two packs of cigarettes.

It is a wonderful invention that allows a person to virtually smoke anywhere!

It contains nicotine, but does not pollute the environment, nor offend people in the surrounding area, bar, home, workplace, car, any situation which would be a public place.

No Residual Clothing or Room Odor...

Complete list of features n benefits -Click here

Hmm, costs abt USD 65. guess this might be the answer to the smoking bans ... might just give this a shot. Would love to shut up some people.

2 Opinions:

Addie the Baddie said...


So it doesnt affect the environment!! Fine.

What does it do to save you? Does it still affect you the same way as a normal cigarette or does it affect you equivalent to 2 packs a shot instead of the normal ciggie...

I remember you were supposed to either cut down on ciggies or on coffee and you dont seem to be doing either....

L o r d R a j said...

Well, i actually have cut down on smokes. before ramadaan started, a pack would last me 4 days...

considering how much i used to smoke, i think thats a tremendous improvement.

besides, this full month - no smokin.. so thats got to count too.

Coffee.. well nah .. havent cut down on that.

now abt this electronic ciggie thing.. well how does it effect the smoker... dude, a single cartridge is equivalent to two packs.. now.. dependin on how much you smoke, thats how much nicotine would be hittin the system.

so you could finish it up in one shot.. or make it last a month.

honestly .. neva really was concerned abt the health effects.. im still not concerned abt it.

this is jus to shut up a bunch of people who make a face, everytime someone lights a ciggi..

like.. [b]ohhh that smoke.. argh.. this is so annoyin.. uff that smell.. i cant tolerate that odor.. [/b]

yaada yaada yaada..

n ofcourse not to mention those people (who somehow jus magically appear as soon as you take a puff from your cigg).. who jus have to remind you abt how harmful passive smokin is.. n how it effects the person who isnt smokin.. bla blaa.. hell, u know the drill.

jus think, this might be worth tryin out... probably after Ramadaan