Sunday, September 9, 2007

Download Movies

For those of you who don't fancy using torrents or other P2ps, or for some reason just can't use them, here is a link.

Download movies (the ones I downloaded weren't Dvd rips but they were watchable), TV Shows (Lost, Prison Break etc.), Cartoons.

The site is in Arabic, but even if you have a bit of knowledge of the language, you can manage to navigate through.. the links on the left side would be of primary interest (the second one is for movies).

They have categories for English Movies, Arabic Movies and Hindi as well (the last time I checked, the only Hindi one they had was Zindagi Rocks).

the links work with download managers as well.

Just thought I'd put it up here, incase anyone is interested.

2 Opinions:

Addie the Baddie said...


Now how do u expect me to download any movie.

I just cant figure it out. Site looks great but I wish I knew some Arabic.

So tell me what other sites I can download from....


L o r d R a j said...

k, if i come across anythin else, will definitely let u know.

for the time being will put up another post with a few more links from the same site.. hope that one will help u out..