Sunday, September 23, 2007


Ok, I'll admit, this was interesting in the beginning.

I had heard so much about the show, I decided hell, why not. lets watch it. Besides, I didn't have anything else to watch either. (Prison Break season 3 started only on 17th Sept).

So, I downloaded three seasons of Lost. I am done watching the first two and started off with the third one.

I'll be honest, it's not the WORST series I've seen, but it's definitely not that great either. The characters have some serious issues.

Kate for example, still hasn't been able to decide, who she has the hots for - Sawyer or Jack? Well thank god it's only these two. In the beginning, I thought she would be getting it on with Sayid as well..

Jack - well what can I say.. this guy is just soo damn curious about everything.. What did he tell you (Asking Juliette, after he is done operating on Ben). 

What do you see (asking Archa - the Thai girl and insisting that he gets marked). That's just SOME of it.. man,

If you ask me - the guy is a bit too stupid for a surgeon.

Sayid on the other hand, was on the bloody plane to go to LA to meet up with Nadia - apparently the love of his life, for whom he shot at his officials in Baghdad.. and then co-operated with the CIA or someone and had his friend shoot himself in Sydney.. (remember that)..

Well now.. on the island, apparently he forgets all about Nadia and promises Shannon that he will never leave her. (well what about Nadia? or have you given up on ever getting off the island?)

Talking about Shannon - I know what I saw.. I am in trauma, I am not useless, we will be rescued, why don't you believe me... I was kinda glad when she was shot by Anna lucia.

Now abt Anna.. (I call her Psycho bitch) What the hell is her problem?? Too bitchy. So someone took a shot at you, you lost your kid. But you already had your revenge. Didn't you shoot that guy? so WHY ARE YOU STILL SO BITCHY. It's not like everyone else is to be blamed for your miserable life. Thank god Michael shot her.

Michael - Confused state of disturbed mind.. Where is Walt.. here is Walt.. don't talk to Walt, Stay away from Walt, Walt - come back here, I will get Walt myself... I need your help.. I don't need your help.. get off my raft.. ohh.. where is walt.. I am his father.. Walt Walt Walt.. I will save you Walt.. (well that's pretty much his part).

He doesn't get killed, but he takes his annoying self and his son on a boat and is shown the way out (guess even the show's producers realised how irritating he was getting).

Claire - OMG.. SHUT UP WOMAN. My baby has a fever, what if he is infected. I will go find the vaccine,

I have no idea where to look but will someone come with me please. Lets not take the guys, lets make this a girl trip.

My point - BIG DEAL! IF HE IS INFECTED, there is nothing you can do about it. Just shut up and sit quietly. The doc said he will be fine in the morning. At least wait for a bit, and even if the kid isn't fine - WHAT CAN YOU or ANYONE ELSE DO ABOUT IT!!!

Before this crap, she slaps Charlie and asks him to get out.. Why? Because he lied about the heroin in the statue. UFFF.. Women!

The statue is still there, intact, and so it's obvious he hasn't used it.. ohhh forget it.. guess it was THAT time of the month, for her.

John - He was cool, in fact he was my favourite character. Until the guy loses it when he INSISTS that Jack push the button on the computer (the first time). The problem is, after that John gets even more annoying.. even more irritating. He does get back to normal after the hatch is blown up.

At present my favourite character is.. Desmond. Cool guy. Now that he can see flashes of future and all, I guess he might get a bit irritating in the following episodes (downloaded, but haven't watched them yet). but so far he is pretty cool.

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Happy Kitten said...

Even we started watchin with great interest.. but never understood what was really happening? what is the story line?

L o r d R a j said...

Well you should try watchin it from the beginin.

These guys were on a plane, the got caught in some bad whether.. flew a couple of thousand miles off course n crashed on this island..

Anyone comin for the rescue would be lookin for these people somewhere else.

Now the survivors of the crash.. well they are survivin on the island.. arrangin food.. salvagin stuff from the plane.. n luggage n bla bla..

the island has some mystery to it.. people are seeing things.. some people are feelin things..

John uncle was paralysed for 4 yrs.. but as soon as he crashes on this island .. he can walk (ofcourse he doesnt mention that he was paralysed, to anyone else).

Similarly Rose aunty had been diagnosed with some fatal disease.. n now she is cured as well.

a korean couple - the hubby had low sperm count or somethin n hence couldnt impregnate his wife.. this dude is cured too. (well either that or... ahem).

eitherways.. thats the basic plot.

ofcourse addin to the mystery is the fact that there are other people on the island too.. n that seems interestin at times.. gets irritatin at others.. but.. ..

barrin a few characters .. n some stupid lines n some wierd logics, this is ok to watch.. i do believe that worst things have been created for television.. n this is much betta than those..

i jus dont think its THAT GREAT.

BarryUno said...

LOST isn't the greatest TV show to ever be made mate but it sure is different from the rest. They're making to many cop shows with criminologists and DNA testing a la CSI, Bones and NCIS nowadays and Lost is definitely a different genre of TV shows.

The first 2 seasons are quite interesting but the third one starts getting to you in the sense that it gets a little predictable and too "hollywood" for my liking! Nonetheless, it's still a good TV show to watch.

The characters are complex and they're a reason for them being that way. Guess it's a matter of time until we find out. But speaking of characters, Desmond's become my favorite too and I love his Scottish accent! I'm looking forward to catching Season 4! What do you say to that, brother? ;-)

L o r d R a j said...

Man i sure like the Accent (claires got the Aussie accent, n thats LOUD..)

Charlies accent is cool too.

Youve been busy, i guess.

Ofcourse Season 4.. i mean since ive started it off, no matter how ticked off i get with the characters, i will see it to the end.

See you in another blog, BROTHER! ;)

Happy Kitten said...

Raj.. i saw the beginning.. it is the story that I cannot fathom.. who are those mysterious people? well.. even I liked the serial... but it is getting mysterious by the day!

L o r d R a j said...

Happy - now if i tell you, then why would you watch the series :)

How many episodes are you in??

im assuming you arent into the second season yet..

Hopefully you should get SOME answers in the second season .. (n some more questions too.. ).

Im done with the third season.. n im like.. WTF.

Waitin for Season four.. have to know what happens. its not that i enjoyed it so much.. its watchable. it isnt too bad. Ive been subjected to worse.