Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Nokia N95 8GB

I think its stupid not having a card slot. Its not that 8 gigs of memory is less by any means, its just that.. without an external memory card, transferring the stored data is going to be a hassle.

If there was an external memory card (even upto 2 gigs), all you had to do was take it out of your N95 8GB and shove it into the other phone you are using and there, you have most of the data. But since the entire 8 gigs is internal memory.. one would have to connect the N95 8GB to a computer.. transfer the data onto your hard-drive and now copy it onto the memory card of the other phone..

That's just a hassle, given that the whole thing could've been simplified, just by providing a card slot on the N95 8GB.

It seems even more pathetic since the N95 (the earlier one) DID have a card-slot. As per the specifications it can support a memory card of upto 2 gigs.

Although there have been some unconfirmed reports that the earlier version does support a 8 gig card as well, I just haven't been able to get my hands on the SanDisk 8 gig micro SD yet. Primary reason being, I don't really keep that much data on my cell phone, but it would definitely be interesting to see if the N95 (earlier version) would support it or not.

Just incase if it does, then the N95 8GB would be yet another blunder from Nokia.... but I have to admit.. it does look cool in Black.

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