Sunday, September 9, 2007

Download Movies - continued

The link I had posted earlier, well here are more links from the same site. Hope this will ease out the language issues and navigation would be easier..

English Movie Selection Screen
Hindi Movie Selection Screen
Animated Movie Selection Screen

Book mark these, and hopefully when there are any new updates, they will appear as well.

Once you are on these pages, just click on the poster of the movie that you want to download (i admit the collection isn't huge, but hey, something is better than nothing.. and if you want to select from a huge selection.. then why not use torrents? hell lot more to choose from).

Once you click on the poster, the new page loads, and there are 3 icons. The one in the middle (that looks like a floppy disc), is the icon to click, if you want to download this movie.

Some more links, From the same site (hope I get them right. Latest episodes (from the particular season) on the first page. Earlier episodes from that season would be on the pages that follow.

Season 1

Prison Break:
Season 1
Season 2

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3

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