Monday, July 21, 2008


The trouble with trying to keep everyone happy.

In the beginning, one might think that it's actually working. But with time, one realises that the only thing people tend to remember is - how many times you screwed up / messed up or just weren't there for them. Sigh..

It's sickening because, no matter what you do, it's just never enough. FOR ANYONE!

What makes it worse is some people actually keep track of the times you screwed up. Of course they always insist on maintaining the record in absolute terms and not in relative terms. Look, we all screw up. We all make mistakes. But some of us try to make things better too. Some of us try to learn from our mistakes. Illustrating with the help of an example.

  • A - screwed up 3 times
  • B - screwed up 2 times

Now some individuals conclude that B is more reliable or better than A. Which is an incorrect assumption, simply because these figures are meaningless when viewed in such a manner. What is needed to make a proper comparison is - How many attempts did A and B make.

Say A tried to make things better 8 times, out of which he failed 3 times. Where as  B tried to make things work 5 times out of which he failed 2 times. Simple math would show that B has messed up more times than A.

B's screwing up rate is 40% , where as that of A is 37.5%  

The thing is, it's irrelevant how many times one has screwed up. What really should be effecting an individual's  opinion is - how many times the person has made an effort.

Ahh.. whatever. Just in one of those crappy moods.

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Agnel said...

The world is sick! People never, read again NEVER would remember what you had done for them, they will always remember what you didn't do for them.

An amazing thought i would say :)