Wednesday, July 9, 2008

HTC Touch Diamond - Screen goes off during a call

Well, I don't have a problem with the screen going blank during a call. But there are some who find this annoying and have been looking around for a solution.

Below is a registry tweak that sorts out the problem:

  • HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\RIL\BatteryTimeoutInCall set to 0
  • HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\RIL\BatterySuspendTimeoutInCall to 0

Apply the tweak(s), and then restart your phone, and the screen will remain lit during the call. In case (highly unlikely) the above doesn't work, then along with that use the following:

  • HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\RIL\EnableFastDormantDisplayDuringCall to 0
  • HKCU\ControlPanel\Phone Sleep to 0
  • HKCU\ControlPanel\Backlight\LightSensorPollingEnable to 0

Apply the tweak(s), and then restart your phone

I tested it out. Works fine. Of course I reverted back to the default settings. I don't want the screen to remain lit. But if someone does, well now you know how to do it.

To edit registry - PHM Registry Editor

For more Tweaks / help with the Diamond - click here.

2 Opinions:

Acer Laptop AC Adapter said...

I know someone with the same exact phone, and they actually have never had this problem. We have both heard of different "defects" going on with this device, and have both had this problem in the past but with other phones. When it works, this phone is actually a good device, but considering the problems going around more frequently, i have come to the conclusion that it is not worth the stress.

L o r d R a j said...

I got rid of the phone long ago.

looked good and gimmicky and all. but in the end, I just wanted to use it for the navigation and nothing else.

Just not my type.