Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sarkar Raj



Hmm. I haven't heard many good things about this movie. I have been trying to watch it, for some time now. Finally managed to watch it today.

I was pretty much prepared to be disappointed. But I must say, I didn't find the movie as bad as some of the reviews made it seem (I have a very different taste). Surely it could have been better, but like I have mentioned lots of times, that holds true for almost everything.

I really liked the way the movie started up. Wish I could edit out some parts, then I would have definitely loved the movie. If anyone would ask me why I edited out some scenes - well: 'Mujhe jo sahi lagtaa hai, main wahi karta hoon. Chaahe wo police-kaanoon ke khilaaf ho, samaaj ke khilaaf ho.. ya fir.. saare system ke khilaaf kyon na ho' 

Abhishek Bachchan is good.
Amitabh Bachchan is awesome!
Aishwarya Rai is horrible.

I honestly feel the movie would have been much better without her. The character she plays lacks - well lacks a lot. And she only manages to make it worse. The reason I feel this way, could be because - the character fails to impress or perhaps because Aishwarya can't ever impress me. Perhaps a bit of both.

I enjoyed most of the dialogs in the movie. I seriously did - honest! But some were... err.. not just bad, but downright pathetic. Now why would Anita ask Shankar - 'What is the most difficult decision you have had to make in your life?', at that moment in the film? beats me. Sarkar would know for sure.

Similarly, there were others, which were so pointless that I find myself unable to recall them at the moment.

The character - Hassan Qazi, played by Govind Namdeo, in my opinion - should have been a bit more polished. A bit more sophisticated. In the movie, Govind Namdeo - to me - seemed a bit too cheap. But hey, what do I know about film making and character development. Perhaps that was the intention to begin with. Sarkaar se poochenge 

Karunesh Kanga played by Sayaji Shinde does what is needed from him and the character. Kantilal Vora played by Upendra Limaye doesn't bother me much either.

Victor Banerjee shouldn't have done this role. I feel he was wasted in the movie. 

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