Sunday, July 6, 2008

HTC Touch Diamond - Navigation


Thanks Yousef.

I installed Garmin Mobile XT on the Diamond (time pass). It's not like I really need it (no, I don't believe I have memorized all the routes to everywhere), it's simply because IF I have to go to some place - I haven't been before - I usually have someone along with me, who knows the way. But then, you never know when you might need the extra help.

Got it installed, got the maps. Loved the Peer Points feature (you get to send your current coordinates to another cell phone, via SMS, and the recipient can then navigate to your location).

When you search for a destination - say Starbucks in Salwa, or a Police Station - Garmin also includes the phone numbers (if available) of the place you are navigating to, which can be dialled simply by tapping on the display (don't know if all the numbers are correct, but it's a nifty feature).

You can mark POI (points of interest) and the software gives you an alert when you are approaching that particular point. A good use - Marking speed camera locations as POI's ;). There are POI Files you can download from the net that have these locations marked (yes, even for Kuwait).

Initially was having a bit of a problem with the voice guidance. I would get the voice alert only at the beginning of the trip and another one when I would reach the destination. Nothing during the route (right turn, left turn, roundabout... nothing).

Problem Solved:

Go to Tools - Manage My Data - Map Sets. Tap on MapSource.
Uncheck everything else except your City Navigator (In my case - City Navigator Middle East NT v4).

And now the voice guidance works perfectly.

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