Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It's nice if someone misses you when they are feeling low or having a bad day, right?

Personally, I always thought it was a good thing. Realised the other day, it isn't. Thought about it and ... well.. the only reason the person ended up thinking about you is - he or she didn't have anything else to do or anyone else to talk to. So, you are like on the bottom of their list. More like a last resort thing.

Sigh.. it would definitely mean something if someone misses you even when they are having a good time.

2 Opinions:

Agnel said...


what a thought!
:) I never thought about it that way, now I am always going to be sarcastic :P

Btw, reading your blog wasn't low priority :). So many posts in such a short time, so i keep it till the end, it is more like a monthly installment of short posts :D

Keep it coming bro!

L o r d R a j said...

It's cool, mate. :)

Always great to read your comments/views - regardless of the time interval between them.

Take care..