Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cell Phone - Da Vinci Code Style







Designer: Marc Schomann








Thank god it's just a concept. Really wouldn't want to see people walking around with these.

No Buttons, No Screen. Just a lot of sections all over which you have to twist. Enter the numbers using the twisting section(s) in the middle. When you have twisted your way to the number you wish to call, twist the top section to make the call. Once you are done talking on your new cool gadget, twist the top section again to end the call.

The PHONE (well, what do YOU want to call it?) will vibrate in order to confirm that the action you were trying to get done was carried out or not. 

Now, what about Phonebook or Text Messages? err.. Caller ID - anyone? or is it that the phone will vibrate long / short vibes - indicating the caller? Morse Code style??

Hmm that shape, vibration on twist.. hmm. I bet someone is going to turn this cellphone concept into a sextoy concept soon (In case they haven't already).

What?! Come on.. just look at the damn thing!

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