Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Another Problem… Perhaps No One Even Notices This

Another major issue (in my view) is … it's not just MEN or INDIAN MEN but what is generally thought about Indian Men (it has gotten way out of hand… this perceived notion crap. Please understand - Not every man or every Indian man is a rapist!).

Two videos to highlight my point.

First video - Time marker 2:37 onwards. And THAT makes it to a blooper reel.

Second video - The video is titled: What happened with CNN female reporter Sara Sidner in India | Almost Raped

Yes… I do understand how the two situations are different. That said, in my view - The second one is described as 'Sexual Assault / Harassment and RAPE' ONLY because it involves Indian men. Because of some idiotic feminist groups (and overly enthusiastic media), ALL INDIAN MEN have been labelled rapists or potentially dangerous to women. Sure, the high number of rape cases also contributes to that tag… but not nearly as significantly as the fucking 'activists' and the special 'media reports'.

By no means am I suggesting that there is no issue in the second instance. Of course there is.

I am only trying to point out that it doesn't qualify as sexual assault / harassment / rape. Where as, in the first instance… if one DID want to make a case of inappropriate behaviour… there would be some substance to it. Again, not saying it SHOULD BE made into a case, simply pointing out that it could be if someone wanted to.

JFTR, I am not just complaining about the title of the video. If you watch the second clip after the 1:50 time marker, you hear the voice of Sara Sidner herself going on about how 'YOUNG MEN with the smell of alcohol on their breath were coming too close'… making it rather OBVIOUS what her concern was. Please note - The fans in the first video also were too close.. and it's obvious that they were intoxicated / drunk / drinking / high.

The first one COULD in fact be considered sexual harassment… but it's labelled as a blooper. The second one has no evidence of sexual assault whatsoever… YET it gets labelled as - REPORTER ALMOST RAPED.

2 Opinions:

BlasphmousB said...

Wow! How come feminists are not all over that one?!? And why does that reporter seem to be enjoying that??

OOH... YEMM .... GEEE!

L o r d R a j said...

Selective feminism, mate. Just how politicians exhibit selective amnesia. Just how the general public exhibits selective 'patriotism'.