Sunday, December 7, 2014

Modi Favourite To Win 'Time Person Of The Year'


Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears favourite to win the 'Time Person of the Year' poll, leading the online voting with a comfortable margin ahead of Ferguson protesters as voting closed for the annual honour.


When I read the headline, I wanted to put up 'Surely… there are people who have contributed (as in… ACTUALLY DONE something) a lot more than Modi to be deserving of a title such as 'Person Of The Year'.

But then I read the article. It states:


The annual honour, bestowed by the magazine since 1927, goes to the person who "most influenced the news" during the year "for better or worse."

Yes, that does explain why Modi is a front-runner… but… could it be possible that Modi dominated / influenced the news more than ISIS or Ebola?? Ok - Ebola is a virus, but what about ISIS?

I mean… if the Ferguson protesters are also being considered for the 'annual honour', then why not ISIS? The article does mention - most influenced the news during the year FOR BETTER OR WORSE.

Arrey… sawaal hai. Iss mein gussa hone ki kya baat hai?

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