Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Colleen Bell - Producer-The Bold And The Beautiful… Now US Ambassador To Hungary


Earnest hemmed and hawed before describing Bell as 'somebody who retains the confidence that, well, let me say it this way: Ambassador Bell has the president's confidence that she will do an excellent job representing the U.S. and maintaining the important relationship the U.S. has with the government and the people of Hungary.' Not letting it go, Karl asked him 'where does the president get that confidence from?' 'I mean, in her confirmation hearing she couldn't even name a single strategic interest the U.S. had with Hungary,' he pointed out.


"Frankly, I was not a part of this decision-making process"- ROTFL!

I agree that's a very poor show from the White House Press Secretary. But I wouldn't blame Josh Earnest for this (not entirely, anyway). Honestly, I don't think ANYONE can justify (in a relevant and acceptable manner) how such people (Colleen Bell) get appointed.

Of course, the fact is undeniable and irrefutable. These individuals may be lacking in qualification or relevant credentials but they make up for it by raising significant party funds and these appointments serve as appreciation / recognition / reward for the contribution towards the party. It doesn't matter if an official spokesman mentions it in an official statement or not.

This isn't the first time and it definitely won't be the last. Obama isn't the only one making such appointments. Closer to home, we have Modi making tons of such appointments which can not be justified or logically defended (speaking strictly in terms of principles, of course). Other Presidents and Prime Ministers have done the same… and future ones will continue to do the same. Sad… but true.

Sometimes it's a strategic decision (focus on a minority vote bank for the next assembly election - as is the case for Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti) and sometimes it's a much simpler decision - Reward For Services Rendered (too many obvious examples. Doubt there is any need to list them).

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