Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The UBER Case In Delhi

Pretty sure almost everyone would be familiar with the case by now. Take a look at this:

And a lot more similar headlines. Plenty of chatter on the social networks as well. I just want to know… does the government (and the idiots supporting and calling for this ban) actually believe that it was the Uber Cab that raped the woman?!!

The accused has confessed and is in custody (And NO… it isn't the cab and it's definitely NOT the CEO of Uber).

The accused has confessed to committing this rape, and in all likelihood (basic common sense), it wasn't the Uber Cab he was driving that ENCOURAGED him to commit the crime. He didn't feel invincible because he was an Uber driver. Interestingly enough, he was accused of raping a 22 year old at knife-point in 2011 (which as per some newspaper reports, he was eventually acquitted of).

The company could be asked about the background checks and hiring procedures… but I doubt it would make much of a difference. Sure we can all talk big about what should happen and how it should be, but that isn't going to get us anywhere, is it?

Even for tenants and hired domestic help, the procedure is pretty basic (submit photo ID of prospective tenant or domestic help to the nearest police station). Hardly qualifies as an effective background check! So don't say that Uber wasn't following a policy (which should be implemented across the board but in all likelihood, isn't practically possible in the immediate future).

Reality check - Seriously… what background checks are rickshaw pullers/drivers or bus drivers/conductors subjected to?!? How about the employees at the RTO? Do they even have a proper (effective) background check for the personnel at the Passport Seva Kendra (Assurance that they cleared any security / background check would be a far cry. In some instances, one doubts if they are capable of even clearing class 10).

Tou, baat ye hai ke faaltu bakwaas na karo. Uber (the company) being singled out for this is pretty idiotic and I don't see how it helps with this case or helps in dealing with the serious problem.

Here is how MOST governments behave:

We have a problem.
Something must be done.
Here is something (doesn't matter if it solves the issue or not).
Let's do it.


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