Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DD News Anchor Issue

This is what went viral in the last week. It is sad, pathetic… and yes, it IS funny.

Now we have certain people / groups damning me (and anyone who laughed and criticised DD and the anchor) for being insensitive bullies. For RUINING this anchor's career. Hmmm.

Then we had this other video:


Here is the thing - We have laughed at a lot of politicians. Lots of actors. Lots of film makers. Lots of 'writers'. Criticised a lot of them. Scathing abusive critiques. Unfortunately (for us) and fortunately for them - their careers seem unaffected. If that wasn't the case then Mandira Bedi or Roshni Chopra wouldn't have a career (remember those super idiotic after-match cricket shows?).

Kareena Kapoor, SRK, Aishwarya Rai, Kapil Sibal, Modi, MMS, Rahul Gandhi… All of them (and many more) have been criticised (repeatedly) for making irresponsible / unverified / insensitive / idiotic statements OR putting in horrible hammed performances. Most of them even refuse to acknowledge they made a gaffe! As much as I would have preferred an end to each of those individual's career (in some cases - life), it hasn't happened…

There is absolutely no reason why this girl's (Yes, I can't be bothered to recall her name) entire life should take a dive. If she can't handle criticism, then clearly she is in the wrong line of business / career / profession. Yes. Now I want to criticise her for that.

She may not get any more 'anchoring' jobs from DD, but that doesn't mean she won't be getting any jobs at all. I just hope that next time, she does INSIST on proper rehearsals and preparations.

Technical failure bit, well that's just bad luck. Shit happens. And evidently a LOT OF shit happens at Doordarshan. If she wants appreciation or concession for handling the situation, in spite of a technical glitch… well it would be coming if she had handled the situation WELL. Anyone who has seen the clip will agree that, this isn't applicable in her case.

Itna tension lene waali kya baat hai? Chill yaar… ab news bloopers (especially Live News Fails) pe bhi na hasen? Bas kya?!

5 Opinions:

Unknown said...

To the DD News Anchor, Ms. Pahuja,

You stumble on live news and make mistakes, you better be ready for being the butt of jokes for a while at least, in these times of viral social media.
In a profession where you take centre stage onscreen, you will have to face criticism and not a quarter of it will be constructive. That's the way it is. Ask any actor or politician or any public figure.
If you are going to lose hope and be crushed by it, then you clearly are in the wrong profession.
Laugh it off and move on and that would make at least a few people say 'Atta girl!'

Someone who does see the humour in the situation.

L o r d R a j said...

:). Nicely put.
I could learn a few things from you (on how to be polite at least). Will keep this in mind.

Unknown said...

And I can learn from you to be scathingly mean.

Wait... I am pretty good at it already :D

Unknown said...

That previous post... all in good humour. :D

Unknown said...

I am pretty sure she (the anchor) does not have to worry about a career ruined... after all, Big Boss is there to save all such careers!