Sunday, December 7, 2014

Swiss Banks Tell GoI To Fuck Off

Well ok… not in those exact words (but I wish they did use the exact words).


The ambassador said cooperation by Swiss authorities cannot take place on the basis of stolen lists of account holders and would need independent probes by Indian agencies and at least a prima facie proof of tax frauds.


Humne tou pehle hi kahaa tha

There is a way to do things and get things done. Going about it the proper way seems to be a bit too much for the incompetent, inefficient indian mindset to comprehend, let alone accept. Sigh… Hopefully there will be a few who do have the mental capability to understand something this obvious (umeed pe duniya qaayam hai).

Another thing - Just because someone has a Swiss Account or an offshore account, doesn't necessarily imply that the money held in said account is black money or earned through illegal activities. Merely having an offshore account CAN NOT be considered irrefutable proof of corruption or tax evasion. I believe it is important that the idiotic government mouthpieces first clarify this bit to the senseless public. Kuchch seekh lene say mar nahin jaaoge.

The sad part though is… idiots who do not understand ANYTHING about banking or law or anything else, are allowed to comment on articles like this. Here is the comment of one such deluded dumb fuck:


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