Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Diplomacy Fail


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor are coordinating to issue a decision for imposing a financial guarantee of KD 750 on Indians who desire to work in the public or private sectors of Kuwait. They will have to pay this amount at the Kuwaiti Embassy in India during the attestations procedures, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting security sources.

They affirmed that the step is in response to the procedures taken by the Indian government, without consulting the concerned authorities in Kuwait, to impose a financial guarantee of $2,500 on residents of Kuwait for hiring Indian domestic workers…


Does Sunil Jain get recalled? Don't see any reason why he shouldn't be. Does Shushma Swaraj sort this out? It is, after all part of her job. Isn't it? It's hard to tell these days, with Modi trying to be the All In One and all.

This is what happens when an incompetent daft cunt decides to implement a policy (beneficial or not) without thinking it through. It doesn't really matter when the policy was proposed or by whom. What matters is at the time of implementation, it wasn't done properly.

When it comes to such policies, you don't unilaterally implement the policy without engaging your counterpart in the discussion. That's not only irresponsible, incompetent and failed diplomacy, but also uncivilised.

How it should be done? Well… it should be done sensibly.

  • Low level talks to be initiated between the officials of the two countries. Reported just as general talks until the details get fleshed out.
  • Negotiations take place. Issue(s) explained. Discussed. Quid pro quo.
  • Guarantee amount negotiated. Concessions/favours/benefits promised (visa on arrival, preferential consideration assured, trade terms revamped).
  • Basic agreement after establishing an understanding.
  • Higher level talks initiated. MOU's drafted on agreed terms. Signed. Reported to the media as a step in furthering cooperation between the two countries.
  • Diplomats, Ambassadors, Envoys meet. Event reported and publicised. Government officials, ministers shaking hands.
  • Announcement made in the form of a joint statement.
  • Exercise hailed as a shining example of diplomacy in action from both sides.

Ab sab kuchch sikhaana padega kya?

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