Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hangover – Kick

In case the title of the track wasn't warning enough… it was highlighted that Salman is the singer.

It does make one curious, so I did listen to it… and when it started of – I was pleasantly surprised. This wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be. Hell, this was actually very nice. Melodious, hummable even.

And then just a bit over a minute into the song came the 'chorus' (if you can call it that) - Haaangover… teri yaadon ka. Saala, achche khaase gaane ki maa chod daali! Thankfully Shreya takes over after that.

The track isn't too bad. Just that without that whiny bit in between, this could have been pretty neat (my view).

That said, it's a MILLION times better (at least a million times) than Anu Malik's latest attempt at torture singing:

I seriously don't know/can't understand why Anu Malik is allowed to sing? Isn't there some sort of law against noise pollution or disturbing/disrupting public peace or …

Sigh… Hota hai, Chalta hai… Duniya hai.

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