Sunday, July 20, 2014

Zabardasti Ki News


The 'article' doesn't even mention Sonam Kapoor - So why put up that ridiculous headline and her picture?!!!?

The only way THAT ugly-laughing-big-jawed daft cunt chimp hyena thing could steal the show would be if all the others who walked the ramp were crippled midgets (my view).

Here is a clip from the show. I couldn't spot any crippled midget(s) but you can see Sonam being her usual buffoon-self. Smiling/laughing (or whatever the right word is for that horrid expression) like a retard.

Thankfully the clip starts with Bipasha Basu… so it isn't a complete waste of time.

10 Opinions:

Unknown said...

Oh, that old hag (Bipasha) is still walking the ramp?

Not that Sonam looks awesome or anything, but at least she looks her age.

L o r d R a j said...

Old or not, at least she looks presentable (if nothing else).

Sonam looks her age... err... I don't see how that can be considered as 'brag worthy' or even a compliment. How would that sentence go? 'Oh... wow! You look your age.' err.. ?!

Unknown said...

To each his own I guess. I think Sonam, in spite of not being a great looker, still looks better than Bipasha ever will but that's my opinion. :)

L o r d R a j said...

Apni apni pasand... but it is significantly difficult to consider Sonam as 'good looking' or a 'fashion icon'.

I might not be a beauty pageant judge or a model coordinator... but I definitely do know what can be termed as 'good looking' / 'beautiful' / 'hot'. THAT (sonam) is none of those.

As you put it so eloquently - To Each His Own.

Unknown said...

I would say the same for Bipasha. Beauty is a personal choice... ask any mother. :D

L o r d R a j said...

You could say it. You do say it. You may keep on saying it. :). Apni apni pasand.

But... kuchch tou baat hogi that she made it to the top of the modeling business and has been reasonably successful in the film business WITHOUT the recommendations or backing of a filmy khandaan. Can't say that about sonam, now can we?

Unknown said...

Er... have you seen some of the top fashion models the world over... I seriously don't believe that it has got anything to do with looks... not the face at least.

Anyway, I just feel Bipasha isn't good looking. She may have the perfect figure to be a top model but her face puts me off. (just me... it doesn't have to be so for anyone else).

As for films... she has a different kind of talent, a lack of inhibition that not all actors have... and that takes you a long way in the start then relegates you to B-grade flicks after that. Faces and figures prettier than her have faced the same issues.

L o r d R a j said...

Good looks and beauty aren't just limited to the face.

I don't recall mentioning 'the face' anywhere specifically.

In all honesty, when it comes to Bipasha - I rarely manage to reach the face.

Different kind of 'talent' a lack of inhibition ... whatever. All I said was - Kuchch tou baat hogi.

Now, no one would enjoy watching a OLD HAG (as you put it) shedding her inhibitions or whatever (not many, anyways).

Again... kuchch tou baat hogi.

Unknown said...

Kuch to baat hogi... maybe... none of her 'baat' works with me.
I know men do have a different way of measuring beauty... maybe some women do too.
I did not like Deepika in the beginning, but now I do. It isn't like she has gotten cosmetic surgery done to alter her looks... but something about her personality makes me like her now.
Nothing about Bipasha makes me want to change my mind about her. I feel about her just the way you feel about Sonam...*referring to the striked out words.*

L o r d R a j said...