Thursday, July 17, 2014

NCP 'Supporters' Demand Action


Lunch was partaken of without incident; the trouble began when Mr Pawar asked what was for dessert. Embarrassed housekeeping staff at the guest house said there was none. Mr Pawar left without a fuss, but his supporters complained to the District Collector's office and insisted that it shoot off show-cause notices to the two engineers for the "lapse."

The NCP supporters are so incensed at their leader not getting a sweet treat, that they have also demanded the suspension of the housekeeping staff.



  • Someone does get offended for something this trivial.
  • Someone insists that the matter needs to be handled as the treatment was unacceptable (ego, pride, spoilt… whatever).


  • If it was a matter of ego / arrogance - The 'supporters' would have yelled or manhandled the housekeeping staff almost immediately. They wouldn't insist on complaining to the District Collector and then demanding a notice for the engineers. That's not even a show of power. That's simply settling a score.
  • Even if the District Collector was approached (for whatever reason), there is NO WAY anyone - with a working brain, would demand a Show-Cause notice or anything in writing. It would be a phone call or a quick meeting with some yelling and that would be the end of it.
  • It is inconceivable that any sensible 'supporter' would want to have this incident (and over the top reaction) documented in any format.


  • 'Supporters' mentioned in the article are retards (not just spoilt). Wouldn't be THAT far fetched an argument but there is another possibility to consider.
  • 'Supporters' mentioned in the article are simply serving / supporting the interests of the rival party/parties (intentionally). Seems to be just as plausible (if not more).

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