Monday, July 14, 2014

Malala To Meet Goodluck Jonathan


Pakistani rights activist Malala Yousafzai is due to meet Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan to press for more action to free the more than 200 girls held by militant Islamists.


Ek aur aa gayi footage khaane ke liye.

The government doesn't care about the girls - fine. Fair enough assumption. Most governments (not all) couldn't care less about their respective citizens.

The Nigerian government is being pressured by the parents of those missing girls. It is being pressured by international governments. It is being pressured by the national and international media. It is being pressured by… just about any organisation you could think of. AND for some reason Malala believes that it is HER intervention that will lead to more action. Yes. Sure. Why not? This is what Goodluck Jonathan had been waiting for. A request / visit from Malala. NOW he will take action (*rolls eyes).


3 Opinions:

pride said...

IMO Malala was just a girl at the right time in the right place....had she been killed no one would have bothered but she survived and it became a big deal....and she cashed in on the media frenzy.....per se she did not actually do anything out of the ordinary and like a lot of other girls who continue attending school.....she did too!!So i dunno what the big fuss was ans is about?? Hundreds of others have died....unko koi yaad nahin karta......

L o r d R a j said...

About Malala, well I could understand the initial hype (to a point). But later on, she just got transformed into this western stooge. I think that has caused a lot more resentment (towards her) than 'her' essay or book (written by her father but marketed as composed by Malala).

I do have a question - Malala is jetting around the world and keeps insisting that all she wants to do is study (first she wanted to be a doc, now she wants to be PM). I just want to know, saali padhaai ka time kab milta hai issko? Jab dekho kahin speech de rahi hoti hai.

Btw, the 'book' is clearly written by her father, but that's not all. 'She' / he express 'her' / his opinion / point of view (on the political situation) as if it were the only truth.

Malala - geo political expert (*rolls eyes). Ohh and the awards she keeps getting!

It's so ticking off. It might just be the fault of the media completely. Hyping it up so much that now Malala 'news' just makes one sick!

pride said...

Yeh sab Media ka kita dhara hai.....the biggest evil of society today!!