Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life Strategies - Philip C. McGraw

The book does not deserve a place on ANY book shelf. This is fit for the trash can.

The beginning seems like an ode to Oprah. When you are reading references to Oprah even on Page 54… you just want to throw the damn thing. The rest of the book is just a yap session on how everything is in your hands and why you need to change and bla bla.

In terms of information - there is nothing 'new' that this book has to offer. Basic rehash of what should be termed as common sense. The book proves to be irritating / annoying not because of the 'Life Laws' (*rolls eyes) but because of the idiotic way Dr. Phil has chosen to write it. 'Like it or not'… 'I promise you'…'I am telling you'… 'Oprah this Oprah that'… 'Have a conversation with yourself'… 'Ask yourself'… 'Tell yourself'… 'Resolve now'… and it goes on and on.

Stupid book. Waste of time. Don't bother.

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